Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pizzeria Delfina (Italian), San Francisco, CA

The Italian pizzeria has finally found a home in the city of San Francisco. For years, the Bay Area has had an apparent trepidation towards traditional pizzerias of styles other than Cali-thin. Now, with major hotspots opening up in San Jose and Delfina's rise in The City, the scene seems to be finally changing. And what better restaurant than this is there to spearhead this growing movement? Pizzeria Delfina, with it's local flare and Napoletanian ideals, has become an instant classic in just a few short years of operation. After my first meal there, it received near-perfect marks with it's broad, yet simplistically themed menu containing dish after dish prepared to perfection.

A Funghi Misti combined with a Meyer lemon Aioli was my first impression after a plate of various marinated olives (a perfect starter) was scarfed down in seconds. And what a flawless first choice this platter of fungi was. The Chanterelles, Oysters and King's were bursting with various flavors and textures, only further accented by the aioli and light breading. This initial salvo of delight was quickly reinforced by two distinctly different pizzas - a Salsiccia and a Parma Pie.

The first -  with it's ideal crust, bell peppers, onions, and house-prepared fennel sausage - has to go down in the books as my favorite sausage-based creation. The second, though, was what I crave all the more. Again, a prime crust and crushed tomato sauce awaited the consumer, but what separated it came on top. The beautiful combination of proscuitto and arugula overwhelmed me in every good way possible. Each element - the meat, the greens, the sauce, and the dough - melded together to give me the best pizza experience of my life, only rivaled by that of Pizza Bocca Lupo in San Jose.

But, of course, the sortie was not yet finished. One last course remained: dessert. I ordered the coppa gelato with two flavors, Tahitian Vanilla Bean and Tcho Chocolate. This housemade, traditional gelato hit home. What seemed as a finale for Delfina affirmed it was only a beginning; this dish, and every other, convinced me that many a return trip would be of utmost necessity. Pizzeria Delfina has stolen my heart, and I never want it back.

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