Sunday, November 27, 2011

Scoma's (Seafood, Californian), San Francisco, CA

Scoma's on UrbanspoonThere are few restaurants in the Bay Area as fabled and adored as Scoma's. At nearly fifty years old, it is a San Francisco landmark, as steeped in history as the rocks it sits upon. As for the food, well, as the website says, let it "speak for itself". Every offering this institution doles out is delectable. For one, there's the whole crab, heated or chilled. Then, there's a delicious offering of various ravioli that would make anyone's mouth water (with types including crab and lobster). Other plates of mouth watering seafood are abound on the menu, and the haters of the sea's bounty still have options, too. Scoma's serves Lamb, Steaks, and even two types of burger. But, the beauty of Scoma's doesn't end with the food. Sweeping panoramic views of the San Francisco area greet you once inside. From your perch a mere twenty feet above the water, you can view everything from Coit Tower and the Transamerica Pyramid to Ghiradelli Square and the high-rises on the Northern tip of the peninsula. With great service, an amazing meal and even better views, how could anyone go wrong at Scoma's?

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