Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pizza Bocca Lupo


Pizza Bocca Lupo, you have won my love. I have been to many pizza restaurants up and down the California coast, and you, by far, claim victory. To this stellar restaurant I went with an army of friends and family. No one left unhappy. Sj Eats was fun, for sure, but your delicious circular pieces of heaven took top prize. Each slice seemed more delicious than the last. Your imported ingredients, ovens, and chefs make you a stellar copy of Naples. The Margherita pizza ordered by my group and I had a crispy crust, and a perfectly enjoyed spreading of ingredients that encompassed Proschiutto, Italian olives, Mushrooms, and Mozzerella. What a pizza, and what a restaurant. I can only hope that every meal I eat from this day forward consisting of pizza comes from your ovens.
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