Tuesday, November 29, 2011

OmiNinjaSJ (Vietnamese), San Jose, CA

My first gourmet food truck experience: part three. Yeah, I love this truck. Bahn Mi makes me shudder with delight. A ninja Bahn Mi, well, I think I just lost consciousness. I'm not sure I have ever tasted something so muddled in such a good way. Can you say crazy? Lemongrass chicken, beef, and tofu, just to name a few. Just a few toppings, that is. If one was to list everything in this heavenly sandwich, one's list would go out the door and around the corner. As for the truck besides the Bahn Mi? Well, it's pretty spectacular, too. The prices are surprisingly affordable, and the sheer amount of food they serve is off the charts. It's really a great deal, and a great restaurant on wheels.

Omininjasj Food Truck on Urbanspoon

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