Friday, March 16, 2012

The Fish House (Seafood), Ruskin, Florida

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My trip to beautiful Tampa Bay would simply not have been complete without a visit to this shack legendary for it's fresh-caught fish sandwiches. The Fish House was rumored to have, along with strange business hours, excellent food at affordable prices. The fish, or so I heard, had a perfect set of seasoning and a picture-worthy fry. Nothing here was supposed to be anything short of spectacular. And, of course, it wasn't. Every whisper proved true as this lonely wood frame of a building won my affection at first bite. I myself dined on a succulent Grouper offering crafted out of newly captured seafood, a bun, and a light fry. Basically, think of fish fillet shoved in a Po Boy in the place of shrimp or andouille. It was to die for, a far too often used phrase that I have to use to accurately describe this sandwich. If you find yourself in the vicinity of Ruskin, the long drive here and sometimes insanely
long wait would be well worth it. After one taste of the
Fish House's Grouper sandwiches,
you'll understand for yourself.

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