Friday, March 9, 2012

That's Sweet!, Pleasanton, CA

The streets just got a whole lot sweeter with the unveiling of That's Sweet, one of the Bay Area's first mobile bakeries. The treats that come off this truck are on par with the best, including the hundreds of stationary cupcake shops located in the region. The rich frosting perfectly complements the base, and the fillings inside each goody are equally succulent. Lemon Buttercream has a tangy lemon center, for example, while Vanilla Salted Caramel is filled with fleur de sel. 

This truck is not limited to classics, either, as it has a firm root in the extra-ordinary with a Chocolate Maple Bacon offering that has breakfast and confection fans alike drooling for a taste. This delicacy in particular combines rich, sponge-textured cake and a maple frosting coated with savory bacon bits to create a tantalizing dessert. Like all of That's Sweet's other cupcake offerings, the pork option is an affordable $3 flat.

Next up is a traditional offering: Red Velvet. A vanilla frosting covers the top of this blood red pastry. It is simple, yet delicious, as even those like myself who shy away from red velvet choices enjoy this treat. It is a perfect foursome of baked flavors; red velvet, lemon buttercream, caramel and chocolate bacon, all of which are served separately or all together at this mobile eatery based in the diverse East Bay.

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