Friday, March 16, 2012

Naglee Park Garage (American), San Jose, California

Dreams can be built on Naglee Park Garage. Dreams on how they made the restaurant what it is today, dreams on how to afford the food, and, most of all, dreams as to just how good the food will be. While being able to purchase the fancy burgers is a sure question mark, no concern needs to be placed on the quality of the food - it's delicious.

When you have a good-sized chunk of meat, some Portobello Mushrooms and some tasty Swiss cheese, what could you make except a delicious burger. Maybe a nice pasta... At Naglee Park Garage, though, they specialize in the creation of mouth-watering burgers. Though each lip smacking beef patty packs a financial punch ($10-$15 dollars per burger), the size and quality makes up for the stimulus-sized bill. The meat is tender flavorful, and the remaining ingredients taste fresh and hearty. It's a real burger! A real good one, that is.

If you love juicy meat in your burgers and gooey cheese under a bun, you need to stop by Naglee Park. Then, there's the homey feel of the popular restaurant and the excellent service, two other undeniable pluses. Most of all, you have to appreciate Guy Fieri exposing this San Jose hotspot to the world. He got this one right.

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