Friday, December 30, 2011

La Villa Delicatessen (Italian), San Jose, CA

Located in the heart of Willow Glen, there resides a small, confined Italian shop. This family owned fixture has been a part of Willow Glen's diverse food scene for years. Many a Willow Glen resident has gorged themselves on La Villa's succulent sandwiches. These are not the feared breadwich by any means. Delicious deli meats and artisanal sausages are piled on any type of bread from French to rye.

La Villa's charm doesn't end there, of course. After all, each post should be at least a few hundred words. This restaurant/market has a wide array of heated dishes, including Italian favorites such as Ravioli, Lasagna, and Herbed Chicken. Then, to round off the prepared goods, anyone can purchase a homemade dessert from their rotating cooler and displays. Everything is reasonably priced, adding to the diner's attraction.

I did mention the market part, though, as well. In addition to a crack service team and hundreds of traditional, gourmet meal options, there is a fully stocked market just a foot or two away from the service counter. Anything your Mediterranean heart desires can be found on their shelves. Olives, wines, cheeses, crackers, pastas, candies and sodas grace the walls. Then, there's a high class deli that rivals the best independent meat factories around, containing dried and aged carnivorous delights.

I bet you thought La Villa's attractions ended there. Well, you were sadly mistaken. Shark's fans, wake up. This market/restaurant/deli doubles as a showcase for memorabilia dating from the HP team's first days to present. Autographed pucks, photographs, jerseys - yeah, they've got it all. The windows are covered in sticks, posters, and signs for Bay Area teams from the Sharks to the Giants. Yeah, La Villa really does have it all.

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