Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hog Island Oyster Company (Seafood), San Francisco, California

Hog Island Oyster Company is a pure juggernaut of the seafood world. The oyster bar in San Francisco is the absolute essence of beauty from the deep. Each dish is perfectly prepared and heaped onto your ceramic plate in masses seemingly impossible for the price. At this wonderland, anyone can belly up to the bar and order up a bowl of the most succulent, most flavorful oysters in the world. Here, you can choose from Kumimoto's to the shell's of San Francisco Bay. Oysters at Hog Island are segmented into varieties and species from around the world, adding to the diversity and attraction.

And Hog Island's oysters don't wrap up the story. Whole Chilled Dungeness Crab lurks on this amazing menu that also includes clam chowder and many other local delicacies. Also, when you throw in amazing service, great decorations, beautiful views and a fun atmosphere, the food world is forced to bow to you, giving restaurants such as this the title and the aura of one of San Francisco's greatest restaurants.

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