Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chow! (American/Italian), San Francisco, CA

Chow on UrbanspoonChow! is a gem of the Castro, and one of the hotspots of San Francisco. It serves plate after plate of delicious food made with local, sustainable ingredients and inspirations ranging from The City to south of the border. At Chow, the world is on your plate, as you can choose from succulent regional fare such as the Tuna Melt or Crab Cakes, or the tastes of Italy including omelets, spaghettis and pizzas. Anything you get is assured to be delicious and wallet friendly, for a sandwich and cup of soup shouldn't cost more than $15 after tax and tip. Chow's around the clock hours and excellent service are two extra pluses, and the beautiful outdoor patio stands as a third. It's a restaurant definitely worth your while, to be sure. Who knows, maybe it'll end up as one of your favorites, too.

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