Thursday, December 8, 2011

Curry Up Now Food Truck (Indian), San Francisco, CA

Um, how does a restaurant get this good? Curry Up Now shocks and amazes each customer with an array of Indian fare that, when stacked up against other Bay Area competitors, stands head and shoulders above the rest. Each dish is prepared with care and a sheer love for food, a combination that must go with each and every restaurant in order to guarantee it's success. Curry Up Now shows just how good a food truck can be, and exemplifies how Indian street fare still has it's place in every person's modern tuned palate.

The example I choose to use is the Tikka Masala burrito, a strange yet quite effective method which combines traditional Indian cooking techniques and spices with the ever-popular Mexican fusion spin. Stuffed inside a delicious, warm tortilla rests piles of white rice turned curry yellow from the meat resting overtop. The juices and sauces seep into the rice, turning it into a medley of flavors that explode inside your mouth before ever tasting a bite of the meat itself. Once the meat is added to the mix, though, the level is turned up with the textures and added flavors of the protein melding with the already present rice and curry slurry.

If this has not convinced you of Curry Up Now's prowess, just give them a try for yourself. Their San Francisco based truck and fixed San Mateo location are waiting for your visit - and for your approval. I mean, after all, how could you fail such promising company. Each item on their menu will earn your bill of support, and will be sure to leave you coming back for more.

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